Husbandry's GTP at FEEDBACK Experimental & Music FF of Los Angeles

Husbandry‘s Grab Twist Pull music video directed by Jaime Puerta was screened on May 28th at the Experimental Music and Dance Film Festival in Los Angeles. The festival is part of the FEEDBACK Film Festival, so after the films are shown, they ask the audience what they think of the films. Given the current pandemic, the films were streamed online and the feedback was given from everyone’s home. We would like to share with you the highlights the festival shared. Enjoy!

If you haven’t watched the full music video, here it is!

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"Grab Twist Pull" by Husbandry

We produced the music video “Grab Twist Pull,” directed by our very own Jaime Puerta, for a New York based band called Husbandry. The band released their album Fera with Aqualamb Records in August 2016 and asked us to collaborate with them on their first music video of the album. Even though we released the video in 2017, we think it is quite timely to share it with you again in order to be part of and further the ongoing conversation on sexual violence against women.

“Grab Twist Pull” highlights the everyday occurrence of sexual violence to which all women are subjected. The portrayal of women and their aggressors in this video cuts through creed, race, and class to reveal that the violation of women’s bodies within the dominant patriarchal system is all too common. Since men are almost always the implementer and perpetrator of this type of violence, we want the male audience see closely how men objectify and sexually violate women’s bodies and/or become complicit in creating such violence by remaining silent onlookers. More importantly, we want to raise awareness for all about the sexual harassment and the ongoing battle against it so that we can move toward a radically positive change that would eradicate the sexual violence against women.


Heloise Wilson

Kristen Jones

Métu Dary

Connor Dylan

Christian López Lamelas

Mario G. Deco


Special thanks to Borja Campillo, Carmen Simón Rubio, and Héctor Muniente

Behind scenes: