Husbandry's GTP at FEEDBACK Experimental & Music FF of Los Angeles

Husbandry‘s Grab Twist Pull music video directed by Jaime Puerta was screened on May 28th at the Experimental Music and Dance Film Festival in Los Angeles. The festival is part of the FEEDBACK Film Festival, so after the films are shown, they ask the audience what they think of the films. Given the current pandemic, the films were streamed online and the feedback was given from everyone’s home. We would like to share with you the highlights the festival shared. Enjoy!

If you haven’t watched the full music video, here it is!

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Incentives to film in Spain

Some good news to share from the film industry in Spain. As the pandemic slows down with the numbers of the infection cases in steady decline, the country is preparing to open for business in successive stages while the film industry warms up to get back to the set.

As we mentioned previously, the Spanish government already announced that starting on May 11th, the film productions can go back in action in certain places with minimum risk. Yesterday, the government also approved the improvement of tax incentives for production and post-production in Spain to incentivize the film industry and make it more attractive to international productions and co-productions. As a highlight:

  • the Tax Rebate is raised from 20% to 30% applicable to the first million of Euros and 25% for the expenses above this mark.
  • to qualify for these deductions, foreign productions must invest at least 1million€ on production or 200,000€ on pre- and post-production.
  • the maximum return is raised up to 10million€.

As for the safety and security on-set, the Spain Film Commission, together with other institutions and professional associations, is working on protocols to follow with a manual of good practice to protect the industry workers.

As A FILMS team, we would like to thank the Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, Instituto de la Cinematografía y las Artes Audiovisuales, Spain Film Commission, Sr. James Costos (Honorary Ambassador of SFC) and everyone else involved in the process to make these measurements possible and provide us with safe spaces to work. 

If you consider filming in Spain and want to know more, feel free to contact us at





Listos para el 11 de Mayo

Esperamos que todas/os os encontréis con salud y listos para la desescalada.


El 11 de Mayo es la fecha en que se plantea que el sector audiovisual pueda volver a la actividad en España siempre que la provincia donde se desarrolle la actividad “cumpla los requisitos”. El gobierno ha presentado hoy el Plan de Desescalada aprobado por el Consejo de Ministros. Pese a ser genérico para toda la población, establece la vuelta a la normalidad (sea esta cual sea) en cuatro fases de dos semanas que terminaría a finales de Junio, siempre que la pandemia siga bajo control y no se extienda el proceso de desescalada.

Hay ya publicados varios protocolos a seguir en un rodaje. Esta video-guía elaborada por Audiovisual 451 resume clara y brevemente los puntos principales para rodar con seguridad tanto en estudio, en el interior de una localización real o al aire libre. Mientras se unifican los protocolos, para información más específica puedes consultar el Protocolo de la Asociación de Cine Publicitario (APCP), la Agrupación de Asociaciones del Audiovisual (AAA) y/o de la Fundación Secuoya y la Spain Film Commission, que adjuntamos en el artículo y cuyo borrador ya avanzamos en el post anterior “Back to Work”.


APCP: Protocolo de la Asociación de Cine Publicitario

AAA: Propuesta de Protocolo de Medidas Especiales para la Prevención de Riesgos Laborales de Técnicos del Sector Audiovisual de la Agrupación de Asociaciones del Audiovisual


En cualquier caso, cualquier medida es poca. La información y las medidas se irán actualizando dependiendo de cómo evolucione el proceso de desescalada. Recomendamos estar informado y ser extremadamente precavido para evitar una segunda ola de contagios y poder así practicar nuestra actividad de forma segura e ininterrumpida.






Rodajes Seguros


Esperamos que todas/os os encontréis con salud.


La industria audiovisual en España se prepara para volver a la actividad durante la desescalada de la pandemia del COVID-19. Para esto, la Spain Film Commission ha elaborado este manual de principios y buenas prácticas para hacerlo de forma segura cumpliendo los protocolos establecidos en la normativa de seguridad y salud laboral vigente. Aquí tienes el pdf descargable.


No dudes en contáctanos para más información.


El equipo de A FILMS



We hope this post finds you well and healthy.


The audiovisual industry in Spain is getting ready to get back to work as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes. The Spain Film Commission has released the below-attached manual of principal and good practices to get back to work safely and following the current protocols dictated by the Health Department.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


A FILMS’ team







Tzu Chi USA: 2018 - The Year in Review

We have been working with an international team of documentary filmmakers created by the Tzu Chi Foundation, a Taiwanese NGO providing charity, medical and emergency relief programs worldwide. This team brings you the stories of those who have been affected by natural and man-made disasters with the goal of raising awareness of the ongoing human tragedies, and taking immediate actions through a wide range of networks working together to provide the much needed help and support to many communities and individuals.

Here is a sneak peak of what we covered in 2018. We are incredibly grateful to our continuing collaborative work with the Tzu Chi Foundation and will share with you many of the upcoming projects this year.


Cover photo by Borja Campillo

091 • Nuevas Canciones, Nuevo Disco

Ya no es ningún rumor. La mítica banda de rock granadina 091 vuelve al estudio después de 24 años. Dirigido por Jaime Puerta y rodado en La Casa Estudio, hemos tenido el honor de producir su primera promo para anunciar que sus nuevas canciones empiezan a cocinars.

Además, 091 volverá a los escenarios el 11 de Mayo de este año como cabeza de cartel del Festival Órbita en Granada. ¡No te pierdas todo lo que está por venir!




Ecuador selects A Son of Man for the 91st Oscars

Yes, it is true: The Academy of Audiovisual and Cinematographic Arts of Ecuador has selected A Son of Man by Luis Felipe Fernandez-Salvador and Pablo Agüero as its Oscar bid for the Foreign Language Film category. The film took ten years to finish and A FILMS’ very own Jaime Puerta worked as an associate director.

Based on a true story, the film follows Pipe, an American teenager from the rich suburbs of Minneapolis who reluctantly joins his mysterious father in Ecuador, his home country, on a treasure hunt for the lost Inca gold. On this perilous journey, Pipe understands that both he and his dad cannot possibly escape the family demons, which gradually emerge as they go deeper into the jungle.

We are impatiently waiting for the final list of nominations with the hope that A Son of Man will be officially selected to run for the 91st Academy Awards.

Stay tuned for updates!


Trip 1994 - Filming in the US

The FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 started with the host playing against Saudi Arabia on June 14th. Back in March-April we hosted the US-stage filming of the TV documentary Trip 1994 where Saeed Al-Owairan, Fahad Al-Ghesheyan, Ahmed Jamil Madani and Mohamed Abduljawad, four former players of the Saudi national soccer team revisited the locations they went to during the US tournament in 1994.

During the filming we visited Stockton University campus in Atlantic City, NJ where the team concentrated to prepare for the tournament, then the RFK Stadium in Washington DC where the team played against Belgium during which Saeed scored one of the best World Cup goals ever.

After DC, we visited Dallas. Here the team played against Sweden which won the game and put an end to the best performance by the Saudi team in the entire World Cup history. We finished our shoot in NYC and NJ where the team played in Giants Stadium, which no longer exists.

We would like to share with you the behind the scenes pictures of the shoot.


"Grab Twist Pull" by Husbandry

We produced the music video “Grab Twist Pull,” directed by our very own Jaime Puerta, for a New York based band called Husbandry. The band released their album Fera with Aqualamb Records in August 2016 and asked us to collaborate with them on their first music video of the album. Even though we released the video in 2017, we think it is quite timely to share it with you again in order to be part of and further the ongoing conversation on sexual violence against women.

“Grab Twist Pull” highlights the everyday occurrence of sexual violence to which all women are subjected. The portrayal of women and their aggressors in this video cuts through creed, race, and class to reveal that the violation of women’s bodies within the dominant patriarchal system is all too common. Since men are almost always the implementer and perpetrator of this type of violence, we want the male audience see closely how men objectify and sexually violate women’s bodies and/or become complicit in creating such violence by remaining silent onlookers. More importantly, we want to raise awareness for all about the sexual harassment and the ongoing battle against it so that we can move toward a radically positive change that would eradicate the sexual violence against women.


Heloise Wilson

Kristen Jones

Métu Dary

Connor Dylan

Christian López Lamelas

Mario G. Deco


Special thanks to Borja Campillo, Carmen Simón Rubio, and Héctor Muniente

Behind scenes: