This Land

This land is our only home yet due to our addiction to fossil fuels – a finite, non-renewable source of energy – to sustain our lifestyles, we’re putting our future at risk. In order to raise awareness, we’re producing a film that explores the issues surrounding the fossil fuel energy industry and the use of pipelines across North America. The film takes us from the Texas and Mexico border, to the Dakotas, and then Canada. As we profile methods of extracting fossil fuels and transporting them, we’ll meet native and local communities fighting against gas and oil pipelines. These toxic artificial veins rip through the body of the earth, their dangerous flammable content a grave threat to natural ecosystems. Our hope is to inspire everyone to join the battle to protect this land and to support the adoption of renewable sources of energy before it’s too late.

DirectorAlan ThompsonProductionTzu Chi USAProducersFan Ting, Alan ThompsonStaffingA FILMS

Feature documentary, USA, 2018